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FoxyBill privacy policy

FoxyBill offers a modern and practical way to buy and sell intimate experiences between adults.

FoxyBill was created with the goal of allowing sellers and buyers to safely and simply acquire a sexual experience through a modern and accessible interface. To do this, we collected the best consume experience using powerful web technologies and mobile technologies, which we combined together and created a new product that keeps up to date.

An analogue of this is that when you use our services, you have to share some data with us and, sometimes, with some of our partners. Sometimes this will affect your privacy, especially referring to the nature of the services that are sharing here. That is why we should be aware of the information that is contained, stored, used or sold here.

Therefore, below you can find our privacy policy; it is specially created in plain English, and not in legal language, in order to be understandable and as simple as possible. If you have questions or doubts about any article in our privacy policy, please contact us and we will always be happy to assistance you!

Information We Collect

The collected information is divided into three groups:

  • Information that you provide us by yourself.
  • Information that we receive about you when using our services automatically.
  • Information that comes to us from the third parties.

Below you can find some explanations for each of these groups.

Information that you provide us by yourself.

We collect information that you decide to share with us at the time of your interaction with our services. For most of our services, one of the conditions is to set up your basic account. We need to collect some important information about you: the unique username you will use, password and email address. If you are a seller, we may ask you to share additional information. This is done in order to include some additional functions or to simplify the communication with you, for example, phone number, date of birth, profile photos, etc.

Receiving or sending money through our services may also require more confidential data from you. Let's look at the two most common cases of this.
Credit Card Credentials: Credit card numbers are not stored on our servers. Following market standards, we receive this service from our reliable partner SecurionPay in encrypted form. SecurionPay is a secure Swiss payment service provider that has shown itself well. This service provides the highest level of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

ID Forms: The site usually asks you to verify your identity, after which you continue to use our services in accordance with local rules or in case of suspicion of illegal activities. Our other requirement: all our sellers must present their identification cards, as well as the identity cards of any person who will be in the content. This information is transmitted to our services to verify the age of majority of users. Such data is encrypted on our servers and can only be verified by our qualified technical support staff.

Information that we receive about you when using our services automatically.

We collect information about the services you use, namely: a list of services and how did you use them. Therefore, we know what you searched in a search engine, which words were used, whether you bought certain videos and wrote comments. Below we have listed the types of information that we collect when using our site:

  • Usage information. Information about your use of our services, namely data on :
  • Your interaction with the services. For example, the pages you are viewing, the content, and the categories you are buying.
  • Features of your communication with other users: time, date, number of messages that you exchange with other users, sender, recipient of the message, your preferences for other users, your actions with messages (for example, when you open a message or click on the link in it)
  • The info of content. Our service stores the content you provide and information about this content, namely: the person, who viewed the content, interacted with the content and metadata that are sold with the content.
  • Device info.
  • Information for each device, such as a hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, browser type, language, wireless network, and mobile network information, is automatically collected by us.
  • In addition, information about devices that is collected also may contain data for diagnosing and resolving a problem in the event of a malfunction or any other problems when using our services.
  • Camera and photos. Some of our services require us to collect images and other information from the camera and photos of your device, especially when you want to instantly send prepared content. Without your consent, we will never get such access to your camera or photos.
  • Location Information. We may collect information about your location at the time you use our services. We can also collect information about your exact location (only with your consent!) using the following methods: GPS, wireless networks, accelerometers and compasses, cell towers, Wi-Fi access points and other sensors, such as gyroscopes, etc.
  • Information Collected by Cookies and Similar Technologies. Currently, most online services and mobile applications use cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons, web storage and unique device identifiers, to collect information about your device, browser and activity. We also use them to collect the necessary information when you interact with the services we provide through one of our partners.
  • Log Information. Information is also collected from the log file when you buy, sell or search for content. This information includes: access time, pages viewed, your IP address, information about how you used our services, device data (type and language of the web browser), pages that you visited before accessing our services, cookies that can uniquely identify your device or browser.

Information that comes to us from the third parties.

Information that is provided about you when other users use our services can also be collected by us. That is, we can combine the information that we receive from such a user with other information about you that we collected if another user sent information about you to our services. We can also receive information from other sources and add it to the information that we have already collected.

How We Use Information

The system works so that we collect all this information in order to constantly improve the experience of using our services, create new functions and ensure the smooth operation of all operations. Let's look at such a detailed list:

  • maintain and protect our products and services, constantly develop and improve them
  • communicate with you
  • track and analyze trends and usage
  • personalize services while also offering other users and content that may interest you
  • increase reliability and safety of our services
  • verifying your identity, prevent any unauthorized or illegal activity
  • use the information we collected from cookies and other technologies to improve services and deepen their experience with them

Some data is stored locally on your device. It can be stored in the local cache - this allows you to view content faster, while consuming less bandwidth. You can delete such information. For this, please refer to your browser documentation.

How We Share Information

Sometimes we have to share information about you in the following ways:

  • With other users. The information below may go to other users:
  • public information about you, namely your username and profile photos;
  • information about your interacted with the services: the content that you shared, the names of the users you follow, and others;
  • any additional information that you have consented to shared; as well as
  • content that you share will be shared with other users and may be made available to the public; The extent to which your content is distributed depends on your personal settings and the type of service you use. Sometimes a comment on the content can be seen by all users, and if this content is supported by some of our partners in other media, it can be viewed by any consumer.
  • With third parties. You accept that we may transfer your information to the following third parties:
  • service providers, sellers and partners. We can share information about you with service providers who provide services on our behalf, dealers who provide products through services, and partners who provide services and features.
  • With our branches. We may share information with individuals in the FoxyBill group of companies within the European Union
  • With third parties as part of a merger or acquisition. If partners are involved in the merger, sale of assets, financing or acquisition of any part of our business to another company, we can transfer your information to this company before and after such negotiations
  • With third parties for legal reasons. We may disclose information about you if we have reason to believe that sharing of info is necessary to comply with a legal process, government request or applicable law, rule or regulation; Investigate, eliminate, or apply potential violations of the Terms of Service; protect the rights, property and safety of us, our users or them; resolve any fraud or security issues.
  • In total. We may also transmit information to advertisers, aggregated or unidentified information that cannot be reasonably used for your identification.

Information that you decide to transfer to third parties

The services may also contain third-party links, such as third-party integrations or services under a joint brand or other manufacturers that are provided jointly or by another company. When a user clicks on these links using third-party integration or using a joint or third-party branded service, you can provide information directly to a third party, us or both. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for how these third parties collect or use your information. Please read the privacy policy of each third-party website or service that you visit or use, including third parties with whom you interact through our services.

Content Deletion and Conservation

Due to the nature of our services, we must store certain information in a backup storage, in particular photographs and videos for a limited time, as permitted by law. This is done in order to protect ourselves and the general public in the event of a crime using our services. In the event of a crime or suspicion of committing a crime, we will actively disclose any information in full to law enforcement authorities, which can help them in their work. We will also disclose any and all information to law enforcement authorities if we are forced to do so within the framework of a legitimate civil, administrative, criminal process or other reasonable request by the authorities.

Therefore, when most of the content is deleted, we actually lose access and keep it preserved until the law obliges us to completely remove it. In this case, the account is closed.

If the content was actually acquired by the buyers before it was deleted by the seller, the buyers who made the purchase should be able to continue access to the content, since it is a personal copy, but we do not give any promises.

Selection and Control over Your Information

We commit ourselves to do our best to give you control over your information and with whom you share it. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to update or correct the basic information of the account, while changing the settings. In the future, they will add new features to track the information you share, especially when using third-party integrations.

If you have any difficulty in changing your personal data, please contact us at support@FoxyBill.com.

Analytics and Advertising Services Provided by Others

We may allow other companies to use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. These companies may collect information about how you use the services, other websites and online services at different times and in different services. This information can be used to analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain content, and better understand your needs.

In addition, companies may use the information they collect in our services to provide advertisements on behalf of us or other companies also on third-party websites and applications.

Limited Audience

We can offer you features and tools to limit the circle of people who can see your content. Regardless of whether you are really connected to our services, these tools belong to two main families: Geoblocking tools that block Internet visitors based on regions of the world, states, or cities.

User blocking tools that block users based on their name or specific behavior.

We cannot guarantee that these tools and functions work perfectly, users and / or visitors who, in your opinion, may not see your content, and whether you can actually see it. We are not liable for any damage resulting from the use of these tools or features that do not work properly or are otherwise bypassed by other users.


Our Services are not provided to persons under the age of 18. Therefore, we do not collect knowingly personal information from persons under the age of 18.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time. We inform you of each update by changing the date at the top of the page. In case of important changes, we will also give you an additional notice.